Tough Like a Girl #50 – Best and worst that we’ve covered.

As a special treat for the 50th episode, Lis and Nathaniel take a look back at all the works they’ve covered and each pick their top and bottom 5.

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5 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #50 – Best and worst that we’ve covered.

  1. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. Cool end of the year pod cast. And now… sorry, but…. got to point this out. K I know 3 people with that build. In real life and more over all. But, when you say it’s unrealistic. And I point out but there are real people with that build. Y’alls counter argument is…. but that doesn’t negate your argument of it being un realstic… how does it being real not negate that? Are you using realistic as slang? As how kids now say literaly? Are should have you followed your arguments with the word Inconsivable. Since well there’s nothing more realistic…than real life. Sorry. That would be like when folks say the 1 inch punch from Wing Chun doesn’t work, but I’ve used it to break 1/2 qn inch think boards. Or that I ware a size 12 dess and 34 inch weaste pants. And I… I don’t think either of you 2 skinny kids have ever been up to either size. But, saying one being that skinny is unrealistic…. doesn’t work. Cause hear you 2 are skinny folks walking around. I could go on, but sorry nothing is more realistic than real.

    Y’all are both smart folks but in this case you are wrong. Sorry. The body type in Girl Genius is real. Cause real people have had that body type. Moving on. I don’t know I hear the Ron Mars run on With Blade was fine. Know him mostly from Green Lantern and Mystic, but he’s made desent comics. So maby his run was ok. Nah the Big Rock bit was fine. I thought the same thing when I saw that epasode. Even liked the comic it was based on. Though in it Bats dresses as Two Face and it’s a trail. So instead of him as Crock. In a bar. It’s him as Two face in a crime court. With Ras as the Judge. Though again it’s The Joker whom is the main guy. Hey Nathaniel If your not mad that after I sad you’d be the Power Girl or Hawk Man of Fire And Water bit if it were the JLI. After your showing up on Shaggs Pod cast. Then comparing my line from a fan fic from a line in BMTAS. Is fine.

    Sorry just seeing how much you “enjoyed” talking about JLI on the WaaHaa pod cast with Shagg. Just made me think…yep Nathaniel Vera would fit perfectly as Power Girl or Hawk Man. Ah to explan why I started mentaly puting Fire and water fols as who they would be as JLI charcters. One I’m a dork…it’s what I do. And 2. I once drew some fan art of JLA charcters. And for what ever reason though not planed my Bettel drawing looked like Shagg. And I thought a sec and thought…yep Shagg would be Blue Bettel. Rob would be Elongated Man. Chris would be Mr. Mirical. That making Cindy Barda. Lis I place as Black Canery, but with the Jazzasiser out fit. Or Babs Bat-Girl. Was gonna put ya Lis in as Hawk Woman, but your to Zen like. The late Great Zoom as Bat Man. Or J’ohn Ryan Daly as Animal Man. (He did quit the team early.)

    I took Fire for my self.. Cause… I can./ Siskoid as Captain Atom. Couldn’t think of a good fill in for Guy on Fite and water. And only 2 pod casters. One the the late Mr. Anthrax. Cause he hosted just one of the guys pod cast. Or some one who Punches reality. Ok moving on.

    And as much as Nathaniel loves the Giffen Damateus JLI comic. Is how much I love Dream Works She-Ra and Princess of Power. Or as I call it Stink-Ra and the Princerss of Pointlessness. Sorry, I grew up on Filmation She-Ra. Every day after school Loved it. I was a child. Bowrred the toys from my cousins when we were kids. Years latter got a drawing By Dave Cook. Or Real She-Ra. And even have Doubke Trouble’s action figure. But, this…this weird thing on Dream Works…oy. As an adult I have Cusins that have female kids. Non of them care about Dream Works She_ra. I’ve seen adult men talk about it on U-tube. And very few of them. Also only 2 toys. That are priced for collecters not kids. Baby Yoda seems to be the rage with Kids and aduts.

    Showed my collection of geeky stuff to my Brother and his wife. And my Suster in law pretened to walk off with my Babt Yoda figure. Barely looked at the Double Troble one. Just saying. This show is badly writen. Pourly drawn. The Horse changes size threw out. The sword has a gaurd on it that makes no since. Two sholder gaurds would make it more diffacult for She_ra to use her swoard not less. Worse this Abomantion of a show didn’t bring down the prices of old School She_ra. So it sucks and didn’t help get cheeper toys. How y’all feel about Witch Blade is no ware near as anoyed as I am with Stink-Ra and the Princess of Pointless ness. Noel realy wanted to make a sertan Anima or Menga show. But, Japan said no. So she hosted it on 2 She_ra. He’s a thought if you hate a show… don’t re make it. Make somthing new rthat won’t sale. Why re make an IP if ya don’t want the fan base? No one would buy Ford and not make cars. No one buys Coke and starts making fruit juice and geting mad at folks that they want Soda. No one takes over Charmed and makes it about a Cop drama. With 5 guys as the Charmed ones.

    Or Any Griffin as a cop drama. (Yeah I’nm aware of the crap they took on Perry Masion…but, I notrice no one talking about it cause no one cares.) There’s no remake of Mr. Rogers as Breaking Bad. Why? Cause it’s stupid. If ya don’t like the IP don’t make the thing. Also How come Chuck Austin is bearly mentioned? He’s a big part of the Crative team on this. But, they pretend he’s not there. Not going into why are the kids fighting in a war. But, Why is Sea Hawk there? Lets say he’s 16. Cause with that much facecal hair he;s that. Or Mathew McCohna’s charcter from Dazed and Confused. And just…ew. So him and his Grirl Friend Mermista…I’m hoping is also at lest 16. Are Baby siting these weird pre teens. And fiightong in a war. What the? The Hord having kid fights fine. Hordak is evil. Why of Why have parents of these kids not moved them. Or sent them to Boarding school?

    And then we have glimer…. Who got Mad at Bo for going on a date With Perfuma. Does she want to date Bo? Nope. She wants to just have her budy all to herself. They need Dr. Evil Lynn to come in and just do a case study on these folks… cause dang. People talk about Bat_Man and Child wndanger ment. At Lest Robin is compatent. SHe_Ra and the Gang are the F troop of the Fantasy Hero war solders comunaty. I will never watch trhis show again… because theres not enough Jack Dannels in the world for this to make since. Wait I get it. Flimation She_Ra is real She -Ra. This is Kowl and Loo-Kee as teens got stones. And they are making up Dream Works She-Ra. And What happened to Bo and Sea Hawk in this. Is cause Kowl and Loo-Kee ordered pizza to the rebel camp. So to teach them a leson Bo and Sea Hawk ate the Pizza in front of them. So after Kowl and Loo-Kee as teens not kids got real high. Kowl got a boot hit him selff in the head a few times to show he felt no pain and made up this show. And they think it’s deep. Cause their totaly wested.

    Any Way. Like y’alls pod cast. Can’t wait to hear the next one. Was cool hearing y’all top 10 and bottem ten. Of comics.

  2. Er… I do like ya’lls show. Hope I didn’t come off as rude with my Comment …. Just that was my thoughts on things. Y’all do a great pod cast. And seem pretty smart. Just well. That was my thoughts on things. Sorry. Any way can’t wait to hear the next pod cast.

  3. Congratulations on reaching the 50 episode milestone! It was great to hear you reflect on the best and worst of the previous 49 episodes, and to see how your impressions of those stories have changed, or not, over time.

    You also reminded me that I still have some books that I need to track down and read. Rat Queens and Nimona are at the top of my current list.

    Also, on behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to thank you for helping us find some great reads for our daughter. Squirrel Girl, The Prince and the Dressmaker, and Lumberjanes probably top that list, but there have been many others. I look forward to your future recommendations.

  4. Occasional listener, [?] time commenter, so valuable to me to have a best/worst show.

    I loathed Wonder Woman: Earth One and it made me despair that no DC Comics “architect” type of the modern era has ever seemed to know the Amazing Amazon well enough to halfway fake it. Back in the olden times, Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas handled her pretty well, but that was in contrast to basically anyone else who ever wrote for Justice League of America and the majority of writers who took a pass at her since Crisis On Infinite Earths. That said, Grant Morrison had a particularly Ted Cruzian grasp of the character that I found so repugnant that I never did a rant against it because there were too many things for me to hate on. As Nathaniel can attest from 90s Comics Retrial, that’s an exceptional level of loathing.

    I read most of the first I Hate Fairyland trade, and it takes a particular apathy for me to not at least finish the trade so that I can get rid of it. I’m also the guy completely unamused by the entirety of Scottie Young’s career.

    I tried buying some top-shelf manga in the mid-90s to investigate it, including the first several issues of Ghost In The Shell, and it was among the least of my purchases in that period. I don’t think I ever watched the anime.

  5. Many congratulations on the big 5-0! It was fun to hear your picks, and relive the good ones vicariously. I’m ready for the road to 100!

    Gosh, I think that’s about it! Well done, my Punchers. Well done.

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