Who’s Editing #17: Outside Editing

Nightwing is in Who's Who #17, so Siskoid welcomes guest editor Paul Kien from Batman Family Reunion to take it on and reinvent its heroic entries as an entirely new line of books. Oh yeah, and Siskoid has to work in Infinity Inc., Omega Men and the Outsiders. Oh boy.

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Bonus clip: Tom Taylor on Nightwing, speaking to "Beyond the Panels" in 2021.

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13 responses to “Who’s Editing #17: Outside Editing

  1. Thanks for having me Siskoid! It was super fun. A reminder for people to post their guesses as to who the Persuader is! I will reveal the answer in the comments next week.

    1. I’ll guess the Contessa even if that makes the Byrne choice largely a red herring; don’t see any Byrne creations that fit (Amanda Waller doesn’t count; the credit is only technical and you wouldn’t go to him to write her.)

  2. Hello Siskoid! i’m glad I inspired your Hawkman pitch but I did’nt mean a younger hawkman I Mean they have a freaking BABY. You know like superheroes never DO? You know something that gives the idea of reincarnation some kinda meaning

    1. Did you mean that we’d have a comic where Hawkman and Hawkwoman raise a little Hawkbaby, right there on the page? We all know how that turned out for Aquaman!

  3. My guess for the Persuader: Father Richard Craemer from Ostrander’s Suicide Squad. It’s just such an out-there idea…

  4. What a great line from the occurring and guest host!

    Siskoid, I share your feelings on Tom King. Best left to play with his own universe because he keeps breaking the toys. Shattering them, really.

  5. Another great episode with another tremendous testament to the imagination of the comic community.

    As for my one comic for this issue.

    Black Ops
    Writer – Mike Johnson
    Artist – John Timms
    Variant covers – Bill Sienkiewicz

    Nightshade is a super-powered agent for the CIA and Task Force X. Onyx is a member of the League of Assassins. They are each given a mission from their respective agencies – assassinate the other. In the ensuing battle, both realize they are being used. Neither of them like the direction of their groups. Both think they could be doing more for this world. Mid-battle, they decide to team up and form their own force for justice. They incinerate the site of their fight making it look like both died in battle. Freed from their shackles and calling themselves Black Ops (a play on their dark names), they now work in the shadows to mete out justice as they see fit.

    I have always been a Nigthshade fan and the Onyx page was one of the best in Who’s Who. So why not team them up! I figure this is a sort of Daughters of the Dragon meets Sleeper sort of book, with a heavy dose of violence. Johnson has been solid on the Blade Runner books so can bring some darkness. Timms’ art is stylized enough and sexy enough to meet the needs of this book.

    As for the Persuader, my guess is Rick Flag.

    Love this show!

  6. As promised, the reveal of The Persuader! He is someone, who actually can “persuade” people to do things, and is megalomaniac enough to try to use this power to get his way. He starts out in the OSS with reasonably good intentions but over time comes to believe he should be in charge. That person is… Max Lord!


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