Who’s Who Special: Justice League of America


In this Who’s Who “best of” special, we present all the character entries for the classic Justice League of America all in one episode! Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Hawkman, Black Canary, Firestorm, Vixen–they’re all here!

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This episode brought to you by InStockTrades. This week’s selections:

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11 responses to “Who’s Who Special: Justice League of America

  1. Since this episode was a compilation, I feel like I should be making this comment back on the episode the feature originally appeared in, but I’m lazy, and am not going to search that entry out (and, let’s face it, neither are you), so here goes:

    “Lana Lang, that hot red-head that everyone goes out with in high school.”

    Why didn’t I get the memo? I WISH I’d gone out with a hot red-head in high school!

    Or a hot blonde, or a hot brunette….

  2. Man, Shag was snarkier back then, wasn’t he? Just like most sitcom characters, he’s mellowed over time. He’ll be growing a beard and wearing a tweed jacket next, just like Fonzie.

    Rob is eternal, like a river.

    Fun compilation!


  3. The Len Wein story (and the many mentions to his work on the JLA and the characters) were specially poignant given his passing this week. Good stuff.
    Was there something off about the sound quality? Loved the content, but couldn´t help noticing.

    1. Yeah, I couldn’t help notice that Len Wein stuff, either.

      I certainly noticed that Shag sounded like he was talking through a tin can on some portions.

      Unrelated to the above: Boy, Rob really doesn’t hold back when he hates something, does he? Wasn’t “find your joy” supposed to include NOT just ragging on stuff (after all, there might be a Snapper Carr fan out there…. Probably only one, but you don’t really want to alienate him, do you?)?

  4. Man, now I have to start listening to old episodes of the Who’s Who podcast. How am I going to find the time? Sheesh! “Thanks” Rob and Shag. 😛

    This compilation was a great idea. Just loved it. More clip shows, please. Plenty of great teams to choose from. but also maybe some non-team themes?

    Sword and Sorcery: Arion and Warlord for example.
    Who’s WTF?: Brother Power The Geek, Inferior Five, Angel and the Ape, Sugar and Spike, you get the idea.

  5. Great clip show. Thanks for reminding me of Xum’s Who. I’ve recently realized what that means, and I’m still trying to find where they are on-line. Are they all available on-line? Xum seems to have read the same DC comics that I did back in the 70s!

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