The Xum for Sam Podcast! Bonus Track: Xum For Sam… By Sam

In this special bonus episode of “The Xum for Sam Podcast”, Samantha Fox herself showcases a few "skipped tracks" that Xum had planned to review.


  • “Let Me Be Free” (Track 7 of 21st Century Fox, 1997)
  • “The Winner Takes It All” (Track 9 from ABBA Mania, 2005)
  • “You've Got Me Believing in Make-Believe” (unreleased 1999 track, available as a bonus track in Play It Again, Sam: The Fox Box, 2017)
  • “Touch Me” (Track 1 from Touch Me, 1986, plus the 2009 Sleazesisters Club Mix and the 2016 single release)

Song clips performed by Samantha Fox.

Special thanks to Isamu Hideaki-Yukinori and Adrian Zet for the editing assist.

And our most extreme gratitude to Ms. Fox.

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