FW Team-Up: Dracula vs. Zorro

One type of team-up we haven't talked about yet is the VERSUS. In this episode, Siskoid and Midnight the Podcasting Hour's Ryan Daly get off the superhero bandwagon for an hour to discuss Topps Comics' Gothic-Pulp mash-up, Dracula vs. Zorro issues 1 and 2! It's the Lord of the Undead and the Fox, in sword to tooth battle!

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10 responses to “FW Team-Up: Dracula vs. Zorro

  1. Fun episode, fellas. I have not read this series, but the pages you posted look good and it makes sense to pit these two against each other. As you pointed out, both characters have similar traits, just from opposite sides of the good/evil coin. A Zorro/Batman Brave and the Bold would have been a no-brainer if DC had ever had the rights.

    Fun Fact: Frank Langella has played both Dracula AND Zorro in live-action.

    Thanks for the Ace Kilroy plug Ryan!

    1. Frank Langella played both, as did Duncan Regher, who played Dracula in the 1987 film Monster Squad, and Zorro on the Family Channel TV series in the 90s, of which the Marvel Comics series was based on!


  2. How did I not know about this?!? Two of my favorite characters in a gorgeous comic by Tom Yeates? For some reason, I’ve avoided a lot of Zorro comics, despite loving many of the films, and my beloved Guy Williams Disney series. And yes, Siskoid, I also remember Zorro and Son!!! It was actually made by Disney as well.

    I’ve always been puzzled when writers have Dracula hide in a cathedral or church. Shouldn’t he burst into flames? In some iterations, he would. I like the Crown of Thorns angle, because the Hawthorne bush, said to be the plant where that crown of thorns comes from, has been used against vampires, most notably as the instrument of Dracula’s demise in Christopher Lee’s final outing as the Count, The Satanic Rites of Dracula (EDITED: I erroneously wrote Scars of Dracula earlier) .

    Speaking of Hammer Dracula films, the Count’s resurrection here is VERY Hammer like. Many an errant drop of blood brought old Chris Lee back to un-life in those films.

    And speaking of films, not only does Drac’s man-servant look like Boris Karloff, but specifically like Karloff in Tower of London!
    Karloff in Tower of London

    Oh, and as for favorite Dracula films, I’d have to go with the first Lee film, Horror of Dracula, although I’m really fond of the Langella version, which Cindy and I covered last year on Super Mates’ House of Franklin-Stein (thanks for the plug by the way).

    For Zorro, I gotta go back to Guy Williams. I really enjoyed the Banderas films as well.

    Thanks for the great episode fellas! I’m going to track down these two issues!


  3. Loved this story when it came out in the 90s; I still have both issues, including the black matte version of #1. My favorite Zorro actor was Anthony Hopkins and my favorite Dracula actor – don’t tell my wife – was Leslie Nielsen.

  4. This is just to say that I enjoyed this episode! I had no awareness of these comics, hell, I had no awareness of this comic book publisher, but it was cool to hear the analysis. I congratulate you for thinking outside the super-hero box. I wonder where Ryan will first discuss Secret Society of Super-Villains #6? Here, or Power of Fishnets?

    1. SSSV isn’t a team-up book proper, so Fishnets, I should think!

      I hope the show has more surprises in store. I’m a big fan of all sorts of weird and whooly team-ups.

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