Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Ep.8: Baron Blitzkrieg to Batgirl

Yet another scarred Nazi. A mysterious cat owner. Our not so rosy future. Bruce Wayne's basement. A superhero congresswoman. Which are hot, which are not? The Girls of the Hot Squad continue to assess Who's Who #2's entries for their sheer datability.

Featuring permanent panelists Isabel, Nathalie, Josée, and Shotgun.

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12 responses to “Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? Ep.8: Baron Blitzkrieg to Batgirl

  1. First off, I must say I didn’t mean to imply I expected the Hot Squad to make me a sammich. Siskoid needs to make it!

    Baron Blitzkrieg: Designed for a blacklight poster?

    Baron Winters: Having watched all 1,225 episodes of the original Dark Shadows, I can now say without a doubt Baron Winters is basically Barnabas Collins with a goatee. He’s got the same stringy bangs, the inverness cloak, and a cane!

    Barren Earth: Ron Randall knows how to draw realistic females for sure and certain!

    The Batcave: I SOOO want the Girls’ Batcave theme park ideas to come true. Six Flags really squandered the WB/DC license, never doing more than mild theming with the properties. And to think we ALMOST got Gotham and Metropolis instead of Marvel’s Super Hero Island at Universal’s Island of Adventure in Florida! And if that had happened then, Disney could have done whatever they wanted to with Marvel at Disney World! Arggh!!!

    Batgirl: Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl costume on the 60s TV series was primarily purple, as was the Lego Batgirl. And as Siskoid pointed out, Stephanie Brown wore purple during her stint as Batgirl. Does Barbara have any flaws? She sometimes made controversial choices while leading the Birds of Prey, and kept info from her agents when she deemed it necessary. That’s about all I can think of. Oh, and she took a long time coming around to the idea Dick Grayson wanted to be with her out of love, not pity, after she was crippled.

    Loved all the Batman ’66 needle drops, natch!

    Can’t wait for more Bat-discussion next time! Just remember, the Earth-One Batman wasn’t an emotionally crippled D-bag like many modern portrayals!

  2. Great job with the Special Hurricane Edition of the show! I only wanted to add to the Batgirl backstory. Commissioner Gordon knew that Babs was Batgirl sometime before 1980. Chris already mentioned the purple costume on the TV show.

    1. Detective Comics 417, 1971, is when the Commissioner first admitted he had known — to himself. He kept this knowledge from his daughter, waiting for Barbara to reveal her Batgirl identity to him herself, which she did in Detective Comics 422.

  3. Great to see that “Who’s Hot” is back. Sorry I came on board to the return too late to comment last time.

    For those interested, Batgirl was a guest on my dad’s Done-In-One Wonders podcast (episode 8: http://fireandwaterpodcast.com/podcast/wondershow08/). They read through a goofy 1980s comic book adventure where Batgirl went out on a date in costume, and explored a bit of her history and her romantic history, including the age difference between Babs Gordon and Dick Grayson (and Dad was one to talk, since he was 13 years older than my mom). Dad also brought up when Commissioner Gordon first revealed that he knew Batgirl was his daughter, and when Batgirl later found out that he knew.

    While there was an ongoing storyline running through Dad’s podcast, that was relegated to the feedback section of this episode, so you can listen to the first part with Batgirl without having to listen to past episodes first (though you would be more familiar with his comic book character co-hosts if you did).

    While in Dad’s studio, Batgirl autographed my sister’s Batgirl plushie, which thrilled her to no end. She was indeed what my dad would call a class act.

    1. Great episode, Siskoid and Hot Squad!
      Barren Earth: Oh, my gosh. I always found the realistic portrayals of women more compelling than the contorted Barbie dolls that some artists drew, and Ron Randall’s work here is very impressive. Wow.
      Batgirl: Does she have any flaws? No, not really. I mean, everything Chris said is true, but I don’t even think those are strong enough to count as flaws. I think they’re just how life goes. Barbara Gordon is just a generally awesome human being.

      Looking forward to next month as always! Enjoy that brief maritime autumn!

      1. Whoops! I meant that to be a general comment. My reply to Isamu follows here: Isamu, that was a great episode with Batgirl! Thank you for bringing up happy memories of your Dad. We miss him, too.

  4. All the barons competing with me. And since I’m not a nazi, by definition I am hotter than 2/3rds of DCs barons. And not manipulative as I don’t care much about power. I’d rather read comics. I think I should buy a half cape for the full baron look.

    Batgirl: Speaking of half-capes, I love Batgirl’s modern costume that looks very cosplayable.

  5. I should add that I’m writing my comments from a courthouse as I wait to learn if I’ve been selected for jury duty. If selected, I can only aspire to weigh the evidence as thoroughly as the Hot Squad does, and to put as much critical thought into my deliberations as they do every month.

  6. Horry for another Hot or Not! Even though it was down 1 Amélie, everyone else brought their game up and it was fun to listen to.

    Baron Blitzkrieg – I’m always intrigued by super villains who choose yellow as their main colour for their costume. For all the atrocities that the Baron might have committed, I still can’t un-see a canary or baby duck. So cute! No wait! I don’t think Nazis are cute! Danggit……

    Batcave – There’s a mountain right beside stately Wayne manor? Why did I not know this?

    Batgirl – Super hot! I will hear nothing else! Her ’66 TV costume was (and is) my favourite. I don’t what fabric makes that sparkly look (the same as Catwoman’s ’66 TV costume) but I’m all for it!

    I am a suck up, Siskoid, and I think you are very smart for pointing that out!

    Despite the presence of Nazis, this was another great show by everyone. Keep up the great work!

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